Since 2006, Paper Tiger has offered fully customisable flatpack cardboard furniture. Every surface can be custom printed, making it a powerful tool for advertising and branding.

Good design doesn't have to cost the earth (though it can help conserve it).
Paper Tiger was born out of a desire to make high quality, environmentally responsible furniture for the mass market. We spend time with each product. It's important to us that each piece is easily delivered and simple to assemble, economical, produces little waste, and beautiful in form. Engrained in the collection is the fun we have working with this one material. We also believe in local production. Paper Tiger is based in Melbourne, but when fulfilling orders elsewhere in Australia or around the world we engage local manufacturers where possible, thus avoiding the time, cost and pollution involved in shipping.  

Using cardboard.
Paper Tiger set out to achieve the highest level of design from the humblest of materials. We use a grade of board that has great strength but is thin, crisp to fold and easy to print on. We like it, and we feel it's worth mentioning a few of the reasons why:

  • Cardboard has a naturally beautiful surface and finish, it's warm to the touch. 
  • It's strong! Corrugated cardboard can withstand more stress and strain than is usually required. 
  • It's printable using processes from an ink stamp, to screen printing, to a full coverage digital or litho print. You (or a child!) can even draw on it.
  • The board is a mix of recycled waste and virgin pulp (a waste product of the timber industry). All glues in the board are vegetable/starch based and chemical free.
  • Cardboard is a playful material. Cut it, fold it, paint it, stack it, sit on it, recycle it.
  • It's locally available all over the world. 
  • It can be reused, and is fully recyclable.


Our Customers.


About the Designer.

Anthony Dann is trained in both architecture and industrial design. He has worked on all scales of design, from consumer products and furniture to interiors and buildings. He is interested in how the methods and scales of the two different disciplines inform and influence each other. His products in die-cut cardboard explore paradoxes in design such as temporary versus permanent, and consumer culture versus sustainability.



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